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The way forward

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The path from dream to reality is always winding, but hiring an experienced designer makes you better equipped to blaze a trail that leads to the best possible outcome. 


The design process can be roughly divided into five phases:

Feasibility and programming

This phase involves the parallel tasks of identifying constraints (regulations, budget, timing, etc.) and priorities. A great time to dream big and look for examples of what you love.

Schematic Design

Here's where concepts start to take shape, and convictions start to emerge. We use hand drawings and 3d models to test ideas, question assumptions, resolve site relationships, and propose options for building forms and layouts. 

Design Development

Once a general concept has been chosen, we bring it into focus by thinking carefully about the particular qualities of each space. Coordination with the structural engineer and contractor begins at this point to seamlessly integrate their input. 


We produce a complete set of construction drawings and documents to submit to the permitting authority. 


We are available for site visits and to answer questions as they come up in the field so that your vision is fully realized by the builder. 

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